Monday, 19 July 2010

photo evidence

the gig. Photos by good friend and super photographer - Jacob Lillis

The antics leading up to the gig. Photographs by me, Jon Stanley Austin. (not including the ones with me in)

"The happiness that can be found in a sweaty pub"

"Hello! It's good to be back" as Oasis said. Who knew Oasis would still be right about anything?

So in the spirit of getting the ball rolling, we ventured down to London this weekend to play our first gig in nearly a year (I always want to call it London town I forget why I always want to do this)

Saturday afternoon Jon & Nick went down to the car-hiring arena (a technical term i have just coined for what probably has a more technical name) We'd booked in a ford focus semi-estate car so we were a little bit surprised to be presented with a road hogging 4x4 freelander jeep. Heated seats, cruise control and surround sound speakers clearly made up for the fact Jon had never driven an automatic before.

We cruised down to London with a car full of instruments, sandwiches and mix cd-s before making our way over to Camden on Sunday afternoon for the now slightly alien tasks of loading in and soundchecking.

Before we knew it we were hearing the end of the wonderful poetic stylings of Frances Byrnebefore being cajouled onto the stage by the wonderful if slightly stressed soundman Cliff (anyone who'll wear a waist-coat in those temperatures is clearly a class gent) Suddenly having only been playing in a practice room on our own for nearly a year playing in front of 90 odd paying punters seemed a slightly odd experience but the minute the opening drones of Twin Beds kicked in the confidence swelled the collective band swagger came back and a grin appeared on my face that didn't disappear till later in the evening when I tried to carry our amp out to the car!

We'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in promoting the folking good night and an extra special thanks to our friends Dear Winesburg who's album launch it was. They were outstanding and whipped the whole of the enterprise into some sort of folk throwdown hoedown frenzy. There new album is terrific and I can't speak highly enough of there live show!

Check them out now and when you've had a listen go to amazon/i-tunes and buy the record you wont regret it promise.

Lots more things to come from us soon, thank you all so much for sticking with us!

much love

Sunday, 6 June 2010

We've been wearing caps, to keep our thoughts from tumbling out

We've done very little lately, publically, this is true. Last September we went into the studio with producer Richard Formby (Wild Beasts, Herman Dune et al) and spent 10days recording the music for our first full length record. It went exceptionally well, I was touched.

However, our band teamsheet often reads more like a football injury list and on this occasion it was I that couldn't very much open his mouth to sing a note. The recording was postponed. Unclear as to what had caused my admittedly already laconic nature to slip into mute, I embarked on a true medical adventure. Three GPs, two ENTS, and a speech therapist have defined my last 8 months. I have had innumerable cameras pushed inconceivably through my nose and have repeated with all seriosity, sentences such as 'Irritatingly ink oozed over the oats' until conversely the words start to make sense.

It fixed it. Dr Sue Jones and Dane Chalfin I am forever indebt to you.

Sadly it has meant months and months of (im)patience. Our stand up manager Ed Mason and Richard Formby have been a dream. My bandmates have been saints and I hope that those who enjoyed our first record and have been waiting patiently for new material will be spurred by our new songs.

The interim gave us some time to reflect and there has been a change in personnel. Joel, who has drummed with real invention on our new offering, has departed and is replaced by ex-Mother Vulpine drummer and co-director of our 'Lovers or Something Like' it video, Ben 'Shakey' Waddleton.

And so to more concrete news, we have a show booked at the Camden Entreprise, London 18th July 2010. We are playing with Dear Winesburg ( The album will be completed this summer, it's 12 tracks long, Tom Fleming from Wild Beasts guests on it and it has the working title 'Twin Beds'. This, to round up, is the state of play and the start of much more.

Yours in good health,
Jonny / Rosie Taylor