Sunday, 5 June 2011

New Video 'Sleep' Launched

Salut, much talk of imminent songs and albums on this page over the last year (s), complications occured, now dealt with and here is the first installment of our fresh new beats. 'Sleep' is taken from forthcoming album 'Twin Beds', and is produced by Richard Formby, who is responsible for Wild Beasts really rather good 'Two Dancers' and 'Smother' albums. It is a song inspired by Paul Auster's novel 'Man in the Dark', and indirectly Rihanna's 'Rudeboy'.

To purchase your download or a beautiful vinyl please visit this place

The cover image for the single was taken by our very own - guitarist and photographer Jon Stanley Austin. His first publication unsurprisingly sold out but keep an eye on his website for future projects.

Keeping things in the family, myself and drummer Ben Waddleton have co-directed the new video for 'Sleep' which we filmed in the ipso facto beautiful St Ives, Cornwall and the quietly rewarding Dalston, London. Ben, who also co-produced 'Lovers or Something Like It' and drummed up moving images for Pulled Apart by Horses, lives virtually here
Watch, listen, share, embed, 'shake it' a little.

Did I mention the B side?

'From the Crowd' recorded during the This City Draws Maps Sessions. Hear it here.

Eternal gratitude,