Monday, 14 February 2011

And then 2010 ended and we only just noticed...

Evening Rosiettes,

It's been a long old time, too long, I do hope you're all well and that. I'm pleased to report that for once we are!

Anyway so this is a sort of summary piece - 2010 this happened, 2011 this is happening sort of affair. Won't waffle on too long and take up your vital leisure time (apologies to the night and evening shift workers, nuff respect to you all!)

Anyway 2010 was a bit of a slog for us as a band but ultimately fruitful in some ways. So what did we do in 2010? Well, we finished our new album for starters. Recorded with Richard Formby in Hall Place studios in Leeds, it's since been mixed, mastered and generally played around with and you know what? We reckon it's done!

We're all really happy with the results and very proud, like parents of newborns or supporters of successful sporting teams I would imagine but I don't know much about either of those things.

What else did we do? More a list of things we didn't do I guess, we didn't play enough gigs for you all, we didn't play any festivals and we didn't talk to you very much (I guess we didn't have much to talk about but we're very sorry anyway, consider this the start of a beautiful new friendship) and we didn't release any records.

We're hoping to change all of this in 2011!

So what are we planning/working/plotting you ask? Well with the album in the bag we're working out just how we're going to release it. We're being creative and working on videos and artwork. We'll hopefully have some of that sorted out soon and we'll start showing you the fruits of our labour.

Our next single is going to be a track called 'Sleep' (those of you with incredible memories will remember a version of it being played on Marc Riley but it has to be said it's had a bit of a revamping since those days), details about it will follow as and when we know them.

We're beginning the process of playing more shows as we speak, in fact we're playing one on Thursday on a boat on the thames

Space for this one's going to be pretty limited as they're a bit worried about tipping the boat over or something similarly disastrous so we'll be following that up with a show on far drier land, returning to the Camden Enterprise on March 19th for another show

Sorry for all the London-centric gigging but we'll hopefully be getting out and about a bit more later in the year, and we're always open to offers...

Anyway I shall leave you with some entertainment in the form of a wonderful video which has been inspiring us lately

A belated happy new year to all you lot, hopefully see you very soon indeed,

much love,

Oh, also every year I pick my ten favourite albums and put them in a list - i'm a bit of a cliche that way, but for those who are interested (that's none of you!)

10. I Like Trains - He Who Saw The Deep
9. The Walkmen - Lisbon
8. Frightened Rabbit - The Winter Of Mixed Drinks
7. Eels - Tomorrow Morning
6. Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can
5. Best Coast - Crazy For You
4. Meursault - All Creatures Will Make Merry
3. Warpaint - The Fool
2. Caitlin Rose - Own Side Now
1. The National - High Violet

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