Friday, 3 April 2009

If the news makes you sad, don't watch it

These heart-quakingly good chaps played at the lovely Brudenell Social Club in Leeds last night. At their most raucous they slipped into Pogues territory before reining themselves back in to deliver poignant melody with a thick Scottish brogue that I'm always a sucker for. In between all this were awkward silences and shy stage chat that reassured me considerably as we're pretty reticent when it comes to crowd interaction too!

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  1. hey! I know this'l sound weird but iv just heard of your band! It was sortof strange because my english teacher came out with "BTW: Did you know you were leg-end? You have a band named after you... " (I know, he doesnt sound very english teacher-y right?)
    Thats so awesome! yeah, my name's Rosie Taylor! I think thats so fun! How did you come up with the name?
    I went on your myspace page and listened to a few songs. You guys are so good! I really mean it! All bands today sound the same but you guys are totally different! Nice one!! (: