Monday, 30 March 2009

Sex Is Boring

"The Girl who works in the record shop, well she says that i'm not avant garde enough, well so what she only works in the record shop and I don't give a fuck what she says or she thinks about me"

So start Ballboys seminal indie pop record "a guide for the daylight hours", and it's lyrical genius like this that makes Ballboy jump out from the crowd.

Why you may ask have I chosen this moment to mention this wonderful band, because dear readers we've been given the honour of packing our bags, instruments and bodies into a van driving our way up to beautiful looking Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline and playing with Ballboy.

It's May 15th, 6 days after my birthday, and I can't think of anything i'd like more!

If you've never heard Ballboy, go listen now they wont disappoint,


Ballboy Website
Ballboy Myspace

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