Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Radio Days

Dear Reader,

Hope you are well, still not fully competent with this blog format, it's like a letter right? I am writing to relay to you information about our recent radio days. The ever genial disc jockey Marc Riley was our host and for him and the listening public we performed three tracks. If you were one of the sad unfortunate who missed it, here is your portal to the "iplayer" where in addition to our songs you can quite appropriately hear us discussing our luddite nature.

We sung, strummed, mounched and horned:

A Walk by Moonlight
Lovers or Something Like It

Herewith, the link

Last weekend we also played Moor Music festival located in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Thanks to all joy-seekers who chose to plant themselves before our stage on Saturday night, it was a real pleasure playing to you.
The falafel was just alright.


Jonny x

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