Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Whiskey India Lima Charlie Oscar

Afternoon Rosiettes,

Whilst perusing the upcoming gigs and shenanigans in the Leeds area I noticed something of an anomaly. There were the usual suspects, the fanfarlos, wild beasts and Idlewilds of the worlds. The sort of bands you think it's no great shock to see there touring. All fantastic wonderful bands but almost reassuringly reliable at turning up in a venue near you on at worst a yearly basis.

Another band was also listed, one I wasn't sure I could ever remember playing in England let alone in Leeds. That band was Wilco, forefathers of alt-country as we know it, uncut darlings, generally wonderful yanks with a penchant for heartbreaking tunes and makers of one of my favourite ever albums Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Ok I will fully admit that the more recent efforts haven't lived up to YHF, sometimes they verge on the cringe worthy, and Heavy Metal Drummer has just never been that good a song.

Despite all this, the chance to see Wilco in Leeds (one of only two uk dates) is not to be missed. Seeing songs like Ashes of American Flags and I am trying to break your heart played live is a rare and wonderful opportunity not to be missed,

much love,

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