Monday, 2 March 2009

the brand spanking new practice room

Hi, it's Jon here. Super skilled lightning fast lead guitarist of the rosie taylor project.

So, this is our new practice room. Based in my basement. Me and Samm spent a good day sweeping, feather dusting, nailing, sweeping, etc. Samm did the majority mind. Thank you Samm. I was more a creative director overlooking the whole project.

Here are the results:

by the way, this is soooo exclusive as 2 of our band haven't seen the room yet. You'll get this kind of exclusive gossip at THE ROSIE TAYLOR BLOG!!!!! ha

the carpet. Samm and I picked various bits of carpet from various skips. It's a bit dirty, but we came slightly addicted. Every time I pass a skip now, i take a peak inside. Who knows what you will find ey?!

Sound proofing (my arse!!). These were from poverty aid on cardigan road. £5 each. Oh and notice the "sound proofing" on the right wall. We found loads of off cuts of foam in a skip. But it turns out it's quite hard to put a nail in brick. So Samm just made this beautiful piece of art out of it. Isn't it just beautiful and so avant garde!!

The focal point of the room. Exposed brick work with a Taiwanese Black Bear light fitting. With 2 of my personal favourite pictures hanging either side. Especially man/woman on the right.

Isn't it beautiful! The bear head actually has some significance to the band, as it was used on a flyer for one of our gigs in the past.

Oh here is is:

i made it :)

That's it. Bye for now. Come back soon.


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