Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A handful of strangers, all friends of mine

, THello folks,

We're just awakening after our trip to London to play at The Big Chill house with Tim & Sam's, Tim & The Sam Band with Tim & Sam (who have loads of tour dates you can check them out at!).
As ever with playing one off london shows by the time you role into bed at 3am (which is earlier than usual thanks to our fantastic driver Slurpy of Mi Mye and Middleman fame) you feel a little bit disheartened,tired and generally underwhelmed but once again on waking I feel cautiously optimistic and pleased we played another tight set of mainly new material.

I'm sure the bands photographer extraordinare Jon will soon be plying your eyes with the beautiful sites he spotted along the way so expect to hear more about our trip soon.

Anyway for now i've decided to take some time out to discuss the most unfairly labelled of one hit wonders The Walkmen.

The Walkmen Website
The Wakmen on Myspace

Many people probably remember The Walkmen as that band that did that "when I used to go out I knew everyone I saw, now I go out alone if I go out at all" song that you used to here in any indie disco worth your pennies.
Unfortunately for far too many people that's where the walkmen love started and ended, hardly anyone ever talks about the fantastic album spawned from that song. Bows + Arrows is one of the most wonderfully dark, atmospheric and moody albums you'll here. All crashing percussion, wailing vocals, deeply atmospheric keys and stacato guitar parts. It was so good they even got to play on the o.c!

They've since released two more albums the oddly upbeat A Hundred Miles Off and latest offering You & Me. Both are wonderful albums, with "you and me" being the one that rings truer to me with it's darker themes and wonderful opening line "it's back to the battle today but I wouldn't have it any other way"

Give the band you over enthusiastically danced and screamed along too (or was that just me?) another chance,

much love,

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