Thursday, 8 December 2011

8th: The Boy From The Arab Strap

I learnt an interesting fact about Christmas trees today, the worlds most expensive Christmas tree is in Abu Dhabi, I assume this is just a large part of Abu Dhabi's plan to make every answer to the questions "where's the worlds most expensive..." be Abu Dhabi.

The relevance of this well Abu Dhabi is in the United Arab Emirates and Aidan Moffat was in Arab Strap (oh yes people it's that tenuous!)

For those to young to know about Arab Strap they were a wonderful Scottish band composed of Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton too people who've gone to find some success going solo and are frankly legends of the Indie Christmas effort. From Malcolm's effort to become Christmas number one with the festive smash-hit "We're All Gonna Die" to Aidan's numerous efforts to extend his rich brogue to various Christmas EP's.

The Latest effort from Aidan Moffat entitled "Oh! What a Not So Silent Night Before Christmas" is available from his bandcamp HERE and features a cover of Last Christmas as well as his take on the classic The Night Before Christmas (sample lyric: "two fat to move i let him just lie there hoping to fuck that he wouldn't just die there, what a surprise for the kids that would be a drunken dead Santa under the tree")

This video is a previous effort from the Aidan Moffat & The Best Ofs project entitled "Plastic Mistletoe" a tale with his usual mix of unglamorous descriptions of booze, snogging and longing.

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